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Memorial Service Ideas that Match Personal Preferences

Funeral, requiem, memorial service, a celebration of life – what you call it is a matter of personal preference as is the program for the service. A memorial service idea, at any stage, can be what you would like and what you think your loved one would have wanted.

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Why we Love Our Job at the Ofield Funeral Home

It is not often that we come across people who are envious of our chosen profession. Children don't declare that they want to be a funeral director. Nor do funeral directors sit on the seat set for heroes like fireman, doctors, or policeman. In a society...

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Martin Luther King Day

Heroes come and go but legends are forever. America has many heroes, many who have laid down their lives for their fellow man. But few have become legends. Few have been a part of redefining culture as our forefathers, or men such as the late and great...

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Our Culture Has Labeled Sadness as Bad Name

Have you thought about the acceptability of sadness? Does our society truly give room to be sad? Tom Golden, provides an insight that questions some of the beliefs our society holds about sadness? The article was written on June 20, 2011 and can be found at...

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Your Son Might Just Grieve Differently

The following is taken from, it is an article produced by Tom Gordon in July 2016. The story told reveals a mom's struggle to connect with her son following the death of his father. While situations may differ, the article offers insight to...

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New Zealand Haka a Masculine Way to Grieve

In today's society, there is a correct way to do things and an incorrect way. As we observe our culture, it is rare to see people allow themselves to be vulnerable. "Weak men reveal sadness". This statement is not true even though our society implies that...

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Ofield Funeral Homes Abby Murphy

Abby has a heart of gold. A warm person with a desire to help and serve families. Many of the people we serve will meet Abby. With a desire to one day become a funeral director. Abby comes into her position here at Ofield Funeral Home motivated to learn...

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